Sheets Irrigating Vectus

ports at 3, 9, & 12 o’clock w/ serrations on top of 6.0 mm x 10.0 mm loop, 21-gauge  Sheets Irrigating Vectus is a useful tool for cataract and lens extraction procedures. The loop is instated between the nucleus and the posterior capsule; fluid is allowed to pass into this space to allow for easier removal of the lens. Three irrigation ports provide ample fluid distribution, while serrations on the loop allow for sure grip of lens tissue.

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Name Sheets Irrigating Vectus
Lead Time Lead time advised within 48 hours of order placement.
Competitor ;OP0903351;OP0903-351;601257;60-1257;E0615;6012-57;
Specialty Ophthalmology-Cannulas
Material Finish Stainless Steel
Grade Premium Operating Room
Units of Measurement Each
Sterility Non-Sterile
Usage Reusable