Schaedel Towel Clamp

Schaedel Towel Clamp

cross action, 3-1/8″ (8.0 cm)

Schaedel Towel Clamp is designed to secure drape material or hold towels in place throughout a surgical procedure. Traction can be applied using this clamp due to the cross action style and sharp points that curve inward. This clamp is hand-crafted by certified instrument makers to conform to the highest standards in instrumentation.

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Name Schaedel Towel Clamp
Lead Time 0-3 days
Competitor ;BF411R;606025;60-6025;E6774;1750-18;
Specialty General Instruments-Ring-Handled Forceps – Sponge & Towel
Material Finish Stainless Steel
Grade Premium Operating Room
Units of Measurement Each
Sterility Non-Sterile
Usage Reusable