McCulloch Hook Blade – Titanium

titanium McCulloch Hook Blade is a unique instrument made for use in conjunction with the McCulloch retractor frame. The unique hook shape of this blade allows it to grasp and retract a variety of soft tissue layers. This is particularly useful to allow further visualization and physical access to the site of interest in spinal surgeries. Additionally this hook comes in a black finish and is available six different blade lengths ranging from 2.0 cm to 7.0 cm making it highly versatile and suitable for a variety of patient scenarios and surgeon preferences. This instrument is sold in eaches.

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Name McCulloch Hook Blade – Titanium
Lead Time Lead time advised within 48 hours of order placement.
Competitor ;5757-38T;MF381T;575739T;57-5739T;5757-39T;MF382T;575740T;57-5740T;5757-40T;MF383T;575741T;57-5741T;5757-41T;MF384T;575742T;57-5742T;5757-42T;MF385T;575743T;57-5743T;5757-43T;5757-38T_5757-43T;
Specialty Neuro, Ortho & Spine-Retractors – Mcculloch Retractor System
Material Finish Titanium
Grade Premium Operating Room
Units of Measurement Each
Sterility Non-Sterile
Usage Reusable