Lordan Chalazion Forceps

7.5 mm x 12 mm inside dimension of fenestrated jaw, 3-3/4″ (9.5 cm) Lordan Chalazion Forceps are a commonly used tool in diseases of the eyelid. The forceps are meant to expose a chalazion or other cysts of the lid. The forceps feature a non-circular shape for encircling irregularly shaped protrusions. Finally, the fenestrated jaw of the forceps aids in gripping the tissue to prevent slippage.

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Name Lordan Chalazion Forceps
Lead Time Lead time advised within 48 hours of order placement.
Specialty Ophthalmology-Stainless Forceps
Material Finish Stainless Steel
Grade Premium Operating Room
Units of Measurement Each
Sterility Non-Sterile
Usage Reusable